Board Meetings

The Assam Gazettee of ASBB

1. The Gazette of India Notification, 2nd August, 2018: Notification of Threatened Species of Plants & Animals which are on the verge of extinction in the State of Assam.

2. The Assam Gazette Notification, 29th March, 2017: Majuli as “Majuli Biodiversity Heritage Site”

3. The Assam Gazettee Notification 2010 : 'Constitution of the Board'

4.The Assam Gazettee Notification 2013 : 'Extension of term'

5. The Assam Gazettee Notification 2017 : 'Re-constitution of the Board'

6. The Assam Gazette Notification 2018: 'Panchayat and Rural Development as Ex- Officio Member of the Board'

7. The Assam Gazette Notification 2021: 'Orders by the Governor Notification'