Completed Research Projects:

  • 1. Study the Diversity of Spiders of Upper Assam with special reference to KNP: Principal Investigator: Shri Phalgun Chetia, Research Fellow, Gauhati University.
    Project duration: 6 months
    Budget: 2.00 lakh
  • 2. Documentation of the commonly traded Rare & Endemic Wild Edible Bio-Resources from the Local Markets of Central Assam: Principal Investigator: Puspa Komor, R/s, Department of Geography, Gauhati University.
    Project duration: 1 year
    Budget: Rs. 3.2 lakh
  • 3. Inventory and Documentation of Insect Fauna of Assam from existing entomological resources/ information: Principal Investigator: Dr. Moushumi Das, Assistant Professor, University of Science & Technology.
    Project duration: 2 years
    Budget: Rs. 7.89 lakh
  • 4. Study on the Fish Diversity in Brahmaputra River inside Assam to identify the threatened species, evaluate and determine their present conservation status and needs:
    Project duration: 2 years and 6 months
    Budget: 38.77 lakh
    Implementing Agency: Dolphin Foundation, Guwahati.

  • 5. Preparation of Assam Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan: Project duration: 1 year
    Budget: 18.96 lakh
    Implementing Agency: Wildlife Institute of India, Dehradun
  • 6. Assam Biodiversity Portal:
    Project duration: 1 year.
    The project was managed by the Board in collaboration with Assam Forest department
  • 7. Preparation of five short documentary films in Assamese language”Five (5) short documentaries on the themes: Subsistence value of Forests, Traditional Knowledge, Human-Animal Conflict, Trades in NTFP and Life of a Forest Guard:
    Project duration: 1 year
    Implementing Agency: Collaborative project of the Board with North East Network under the ‘Green Hub Project’.
    Budget: Rs. 31.25 lakh (Board’s contribution: Rs. 13.75 lakh & North East Network’s contribute Rs. 17.5 lakh)

  • 8. Plant Diversity Assessment of Dima Hasao district in Assam:
    Principal Investigator: Dr. Lal Babu Chaudhary, Senior Principal Scientist/ Scientist-F
    Project duration: 2 Years
    Budget: Rs. 29.8 lakh
    Implementing Agency: National Botanical Research Institute (NBRI), Lucknow

  • 9. Enhancing Conservation efforts in Hoolangapar Gibbong Wildlife Sanctuary:
    Principal Investigator: Mr. Udayan Borthakur, Head of Wildlife Genetics Division, Aaranyak.
    Project duration: 1 Year
    Budget: Rs. 5 lakh
    Implementing Agency: Aaranyak, Guwahati

  • 10. Orchid Diversity of Assam: (Compilation of publication)
    Author: Shri Khyanjeet Gogoi, Orchid Society of Eastern Himalaya, NGO, Tinsukia.
    Duration of compilation: 3 months
    Budget: Rs. 1.20 lakh
  • 11. Documentation of tradable bioresources and associated traditional knowledge from local communities of Assam for establishing Access and Benefit Sharing (ABS) Provisions: Project sanctioned by National Biodiversity Authority (NBA) under UNEP-GEF-MoEF-ABS Project:
    Principal Investigator: Dr. O. Sunanda Devi, Scientific Officer
    Project Duration: 1 year
    Sanctioned amount: Rs. 16.67 lakh

On-going projects:

  • 1. Developing a conservation action plan for Cnemaspis assamensis through systematic evaluation & threat assessment Budget: 1.99 Lakh; Duration: 1 Year Principal Investigator: Dr. Jayaditya Purkayastha Implementing Agency: Help Earth, Guwahati
  • 2. Exploration of Crop Wild Relatives in Karbi Anglong District, Assam: Diversity, Ethno-botany and Prioritization for Conservation Budget: 5.0 Lakh; Duration: 2 Years Principal Investigator: Dr. Robindra Teron Implementing Agency: Assam University, Diphu Campus
  • 3. Nature Learning Centre (NLC), Assam: The MoEFCC, Delhi sanctioned a proposal of Establishment of Nature Learning Centre, Assam under the National Mission on Himalayan Studies (NMHS) to Assam. State Biodiversity Board. The main objectives of this project are:
    To develop the ex-situ model for Biodiversity Conservation & Management
    To serve as a regional training centre for Livelihood Promotion, Biodiversity Conservation and Natural resources Management for the various stakeholders of the State.
    To be implemented jointly by the Board and Assam Forest Department.
    Principal Investigator: Shri A. K. Johari, IFS, PCCF & Member Secretary- ASBB
    Project Duration: 3 years
    Total Project Cost: Rs. 418.16 lakh (Govt. of India sanctioned: Rs 376.34 lakh and State Contribution: Rs 41.82 lakh

Completed Consultancy:

  • 1. Biodiversity Impact Assessment study for proposed 132 kv Transmission line from West Phaileng to Marpara in buffer zone of DAMPA Tiger Reserve, Mizoram for Power Grid Corporation:
    Work assigned: M/S Green Initiatives Certification & Inspection Agency, Noida.
    Budget: Rs. 10.26 lakh
    Duration of the study: 3 months